Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine’s Day Treats: Strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are a traditional gift to give on Valentine’s Day. This year I experimented with some new products and designs.  Everyone recognizes the simple black and white dipped look, this time around I used pink and red chocolate. You can find pre-died chocolate at baking stores, craft stores and also some party stores. The products can be more expensive but by going this direction, you can insure that you will be getting the desired color.  The colored chocolate comes in a bag filled with chocolate chunks, but make sure to follow the melting direction. You don’t want to burn your chocolate or add to much butter.  Different brands may or may not ask you to melt it with butter, just check the directions before you start.
                To make the dipped strawberries, you’ll have to take a trip to your grocery store and pick up a few items. Of course let’s start the list with strawberries, chocolate, and wax paper. You may also want to consider sprinkles, chopped nuts, coconut and other toppings.  Melt your chocolate as the package directs, then dip, decorate and enjoy.  To make a clean, edgeless dip, first melt enough chocolate to dunk the strawberry tip first. Then slowly spin the strawberry in small back n forth motion as you hold on to the leaves. Slow and steady continue the patter as you pull the strawberry out of the chocolate. This should give you a smooth even coat.  Now place it on wax paper to cool, or decorate as you please. By using the different color chocolate you can make many different designs. There is the drizzled, poke-a-dots, half and half, or you could try writing a special note.  I recommend using the smaller icing filled pens that you can pick up in the baking isle at you store.  If you would like to try something more unique, try using different fruits such as seedless cherries, apple and orange slices or even pineapples. This is a simple treat that you can make for yourself or someone special.         
                This year to try something new, I also made frosted covered strawberries. This treat is great for someone who may not be a fan of chocolate. I used white frosting and dipped the strawberries with the same technique as I did with the chocolate. Trying to spread frosting on a strawberry just came out messy and as a perfectionist, I found the dipping technique created not only a beautiful look but there was also no mess. Then I took the frosted strawberries and rolled them in sprinkles, I also make poke-a-dots ones with red sprinkles.  I would love to see your creations, post pictures of your project below.


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