Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day Treats: Marshmallows

 Valentine’s Day is finally here!
 If you are like me, you still may not have that gift for your special someone. To round off the Valentine’s Day treats, I have save the easiest for last. Marshmallows can signally be dipped as the strawberries were, or even the perfect accessory to a hot chocolate message. You can also shish kabob them on to a stick and drizzle melted chocolate. I found that red and dark chocolate was a cute color combination and so was pink and white. This project will require; marshmallows, chocolate for melting, extras such as sprinkles and sticks. For dipping the marshmallows I personally would attach them to a stick to make a marshmallow pop, but u can make them however you like. Secondly, follow the strawberries for how to melt chocolate and also the back and forth technique to make smooth lines. After you have dipper your marshmallow, try adding sprinkles, chopped nuts or whatever you desire. Let them cool on wax paper, then you can tie them together with ribbon to give as a bouquet.
                I recently came across the idea of combining a marshmallow with a card, and paired with a cute mug with an instant hot chocolate packet inside. This idea is an easy gift idea that you can throw together last minute. For this project you will need marshmallows, cake markers, ribbon or string, card or paper, a mug, and instant hot chocolate packet. In case my instructions get too mumbled, please look at the picture for clarification. Start this project by taking the marshmallow and pulling the string or ribbon about 6 inches long through the middle with a needle. I would only attach one to two marshmallows per card. This will be hard because the stickiness of the inside. Once through, tie a knot in the string and remove the needle. Now take you card and write a message for you special someone, punch or cut a small hole in a corner and tie the other end of the ribbon the card. In the picture, the cards were cut into heart with decorative scissors.  Now that the card and marshmallow have been attached, take your cake markers and draw a design, or make a sentimental note. The markers can be bought at the grocery store in the baking isle, there are located next to the icings. The markers are made for writing on frosting and are 100% edible.  Place your marshmallows and instant hot chocolate inside you mug and let your card hang out. There you go an easy, festive last minute gift.

Happy Valentine's Day

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